LOGIC STORE / 1st Anniversary campaign

LOGIC STORE for overseas customers

Thank you very much for your continuous support.
Our online store curated by Hideki Matsutake/Logic System marked the first anniversary.
Please check out our store!
You can use the following coupon code.

Coupon code: Ude5oXmmRz
Coupon details: 10%OFF
Conditions of use: Only available when purchasing over 5,000 yen
Period of use: 2018/03/16-2018/03/31

[Recommend Items]
■Reissued CD
– Logic System “Logic”, “Venus” and “Orient Express”
– Mioko Yamaguchi “Yumehiko”, “NIRVANA” and “Tsukihime”
*Now available on CD for the first time!
– Chiemi Manabe ‎”不思議・少女 (+7)”
– Akiko Yano “JAPANESE GIRL”, “Irohani-Konpeitou”, “Tokimeki”, “Gohan ga dekitayo”, “Tadaima”, “Ai Ga Nakucha Ne” and “Oesu Oesu”
– Midori Takada “Through The Looking Glass”
– Rajie “Heart To Heart”, “Love Heart”, “Quatre”, “Le Trottoir D’Apres Midi” and “Acoustic Moon”

■Tshirt & Tote Bag
– Logic System × Pater Sato VENUS Tshirt
– Logic System × Kosuke KAWAMURA Synth Collage Tshirt
– Logic System × Kosuke KAWAMURA Synth Collage Tote
– Logic System Logo Tshirt (new ver.)

The shipping and handling charges depend on the delivery address and they are fixed regardless of weight or quantity of the items purchased.
So purchasing multiple items together is more economical!

LOGIC STORE / 1周年記念キャンペーン

LOGIC STORE for customers in Japan(国内版)

お陰様でLOGIC STOREが1周年を迎えました!

クーポンコード: 0qqW2xyaZW
クーポン内容: 10%OFF
ご利用条件: 5,000円以上購入時のみ利用可能
利用期間: 2018/03/16-2018/03/31

[Recommend Items]
– Logic System 『Logic』,『Venus』,『東方快車』
– 山口美央子 『夢飛行』,『NIRVANA』,『月姫』
– 真鍋ちえみ ‎『不思議・少女 (+7)』
– 矢野顕子 『JAPANESE GIRL』,『いろはにこんぺいとう』,『ト・キ・メ・キ』,『ごはんができたよ』,『ただいま”, “愛がなくちゃね。』,『オーエス オーエス』
– 高田みどり 『鏡の向こう側』
– ラジ 『ハート・トゥ・ハート』,『ラヴ・ハート』,『キャトル』,『真昼の舗道』,『アコースティック・ムーン』

■Tshirt & Tote Bag
– Logic System × ペーター佐藤 VENUS Tシャツ
– 河村康輔 シンセ・コラージュTシャツ
– 河村康輔 シンセ・コラージュ・トート
– Logic System ロゴTシャツ(new ver.)