dublab.jp Radio Collective #218 “SunEye Radio” @ LA(20.2.5)

The English version will be broadcasted at a later date!
Labrat DJ : SunEye


The next SunEye Radio show will feature an interview with synthesizer programmer, Hideki Matsutake, who is also known as the fourth member of YMO. He also programmed synthesizers for the likes of Akiko Yano, Mioko Yamaguchi, and Seiko Matsuda. We interviewed him about his solo record Venus released as Logic System, which is being reissued by Wewantsounds, as well as delving into his career spanning 45 years.
The show is airing on February 5 from 9PM to 11PM Japan time (Feb. 5, 4AM to 6AM PST).

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